• Who we are Kelowna CRC

Kelowna Christian Reformed Church

At KCRC we seek to disciple people in three key areas: Experience | Explore | Engage. We want people to Experience God’s love and grace. We want people to Explore God’s truth. And we want people to Engage God’s world in grace and truth.

KCRC is in a denomination called the Christian Reformed Church in North America(CRCNA) that finds its roots in the Reformation.


God has placed us in the beautiful city of Kelowna to be His light, to proclaim Good News in all areas of life. While Kelowna may in rich in many ways: geographically, financially, recreationally, we know many are impoverished socially. The #1 concern we hear from people in Kelowna is loneliness. KCRC is a place in Kelowna to find community and belonging.


We are called Christians because we follow Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and reveals who God is by the power of the Holy Spirit. We share the same faith with millions of Christians all around the world.


We are a church that grew out of the Reformation in the 16th Our Christian ‘accent’ is influenced by a Swiss Reformer known as John Calvin. Some of our emphases are:

  • We affirm the Unsurpassed Sovereignty of God and believe that everything begins and ends with Him, the Alpha and Omega.
  • We place God’s Word as supreme and authoritative on all matters of life.
  • We are a Confessional Church, adhering to
  • We believe in lifelong learning and highly value the academy and scholastic pursuits. For example, KCRC supports a Chaplain, Dr. Todd Statham, at UBCO who engages with students, staff, and faculty through The Wellspring Christian Fellowship @ UBCO.


We are a group of people called by God to gather together under His Name. We are a people who belong to God and have been called by Him to live for Him for all eternity.